Previous training event: An introduction to Aerialod, with Alasdair Rae – Tuesday 3 November, 2020 (online, FREE). We’ll be running some public courses in early 2021, so look out for more information about those here, in the near future.

The training we offer is focused on GIS and spatial data analysis and is aimed at non-specialists. We mainly use QGIS because it’s free, open source and very powerful. It is also capable of producing beautiful, informative maps that can help us understand the world better and communicate ideas more clearly.

Some examples of the training sessions we run are given below. We can also offer training on other packages, as required (e.g. Aerialod). Alasdair leads the training sessions and has previously delivered them for a range of organisations, including the BBC, Savills, Google, Regeneris and the Financial Times. 

  • Introduction to QGIS (this is our standard one day course)
  • One-to-one QGIS crash course (for people who need to learn fast)
  • QGIS by the hour (we can offer very short durations, if necessary)
  • QGIS for data journalists (focused on media use)
  • Automated map production in QGIS (more advanced)
  • Cartographic techniques with QGIS (this focuses on styling and design)
  • Spatial data analysis in QGIS (more advanced)
  • 3D mapping techniques – this uses a mix of QGIS and other tools (e.g. Aerialod – see the Portfolio page for an example)
  • Web mapping with QGIS (to create interactive maps for online use)

These training sessions can be delivered online or in person. We normally deliver these courses on site, for up to 12 participants, and have also done one-to-one sessions. We have given training sessions at multiple location across the UK, including central London, Manchester and Sheffield.

Previous attendees have included participants with no GIS experience, as well as users of other GIS software. QGIS runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and is behind much of the cutting-edge mapping and spatial analysis you see online and in print today.

Just get in touch via the Contact page if you would like to arrange some training for your company.

Front cover of our introductory QGIS course