Our print shop is now open on Etsy (our Amazon (UK) store has sold out) and we’re shipping orders globally. **2 Dec 2020 update, 9am UK time: demand remains very high, but we still have prints in stock and are having more printed. We won’t be able to replenish the Amazon stock right now, so just head straight to our Etsy page if you’re looking for a print.**

So far we’ve shipped orders to 25 countries, including Canada, the US, Germany, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, and the UK. We’ve worked with Northend (a full service print house, based in Sheffield) to produce the highest quality litho prints. See below for previews of our first three prints. They’re printed on 200gsm silk paper, for a beautiful finish. We want to give back to the geo and open source community, so we will donate 10% of any profits from print sales to the QGIS project.

Alasdair’s popular ‘population spikes’ map (2020)

Greyscale version of Alasdair’s ‘population spikes’ map (2020)

Alasdair’s fully updated 3D map of the Scottish Highlands (2020)

Take a look below for a little behind-the-scenes view of how our prints are produced. We were at Northend’s print shop to preview the final run of the colour version of our global population density print, and it really does look stunning in real life.

Colour adjustment on the light table

The litho printer – capable of producing 10,000 per hour!

Multiple cameras allow the technicians to monitor every aspect of the process